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Breastfeeding, Sleepless Nights, Laundry, Bottles  & Healing...Welcome To The FourthTrimester! As A Postpartum Doula...I Am Here To Support You & Your Family!

Wow! A new journey has begun, Welcome To The Fourth Trimester. This is the first 3-4 months after your baby is born. I know that it has been a long journey to get here and you do not know what to expect moving forward, I know that you would love to do everything for you and your new baby, and I know your anxiety can be high during this time. As a Postpartum Doula, I specialize in making the transition into the fourth trimester smoother for you and your family. Research shows that parents who have postpartum support not only find the transitional period smoother, but they also get more rest and sleep which helps them to maintain the health and strength they need during this time. Because every family is different and their needs fluctuate, this is a customizable service.


Just as my role as a Birth Doula, I provide physical, emotional, and informational support, which includes but is not limited to, education and support for:

  • Recovery

  • Transitioning into parenthood 

  • Lactation 

  • Mindfulness 

  • Nutrition for postpartum and lactation 

  • Rest and Sleep after baby

  • Postpartum Anxiety/Depression 

The services I provide include:

  • Menu Planning 

  • Food Prep 

  • Newborn Care and Support 

  • Newborn Care and Sleep Education 

  • Lactation and Bottle-Feeding Support

  • Home Organization 

  • Grocery Shopping 

  • Sibling Care 

  • Light Housework

  • Overnight Newborn Care


My goal is to provide you with the loving support your family needs to heal, transition, and adapt to your new roles.


**Book a consult below for packages. These packages are hourly. From 4-10 Hours.

Mother Baby Bonding

Love Note

She was attentive, caring and very proactive. She made our time working together so much easier. She took care of my daughter, organized, cleaned and more importantly, was able to help me get my daughter to sleep consistently in her bassinet which meant more sleep time for me. I would absolutely hire her again. She has such a sunny disposition and was a joy to work with. 

Love Note

"Shaniqua is nothing short of amazing.  She came into our home, politely and appropriately made herself comfortable as I encouraged, and immediately and confidently took an authentic maternal, caring role for our 2-month old.   She shared invaluable advice, including some to help our baby sleep better both during daytime naps and overnight.  Shaniqua was also flexible and understanding as I'm still getting things together as a new mom.  Her warm, professional, non-judgmental, and supportive attitude made me feel so comfortable having her in our home to care for our baby so I could be fully present in accomplishing items on my to do list and addressing my own self-care.  I'm incredibly grateful for Shaniqua

Mother with her Baby
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