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Get To Know More About Shaniqua:


Shaniqua is a natural caregiver and lover of children. Her love for children began at the young age of 14 when her little sister was born. She took on a very big role for the first four years in her sister's life and that experience taught her all she needed to know about taking care of babies. When she went to college, that love expanded from caring for her sister, cousins, and the neighborhood children to professionally working with families while she studied at school. Soon her name quickly spread and more and more families wanted to hire her for her childcare services. 


With vast experience and education in the childcare and family development field, Shaniqua Briggs Dubose founded Modern Childbearing (previously known as Safe and Sound Kidz, LLC) in 2017. What started as a side hobby of taking care of children from DC to Fort Lee, Virginia (juggling 10-12 clients at a time) on nights and weekends has expanded into so much more. She was born and raised in Washington, DC and currently resides in Fort Washington, Maryland, so she’s a native Washingtonian. She attended Virginia State University for her Bachelor’s degree and University of Nebraska-Lincoln for her Master’s degree. Shaniqua’s vision and passion for helping families is extensive. She believes that knowledge is power and knowing builds confidence so she takes pride in providing her clients with evidence-based care and education. 


Shaniqua has experience as a Newborn Care Specialist, preschool lead teacher, professional nanny (full time and part time), daycare classroom teacher (newborns and toddlers), babysitter, chaperone, full spectrum Doula (Fertility, Birth, and Postpartum), Pediatric Sleep Trainer and Consultant, and much more. Her educational background is just as substantial. She has a Bachelors in Family and Consumer Sciences, Masters in Child, Youth, and Family Studies, and certifications in the following areas; Newborn Care Specialist, Breastfeeding Specialist, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Fertility Doula, Fertility Advocate, Pediatric Sleep Consultant/Trainer, Medication Administration, SIDS, Adult and Infant First Aid & CPR, and more. She values enhancing her knowledge and skills so not only does she learn through courses and schooling, but she also reads books, stays up to date with research and data, has a mentor, and shadows and learns from other experts in the field. 


When it comes to working with clients she believes in teamwork, but is also able to step in and lead the team when needed. Her passion shines through and her dedication to support families drives her to get to know each family individually and determine how she can make a difference early on. She believes in leaving her mark with each family by providing the best service possible! She delivers excellence and is in high demand for her invaluable skills and abilities. Working in the home of different families (high profile families included) means that Shaniqua may see, be included in, or hear private family information and Shaniqua understands the importance of confidentiality and stands by her policy to never disclose any private or sensitive information. 


Modern Childbearing LLC provides the modern family with all things fertility, birth, and babies. It brings pure joy to provide a full spectrum experience to my clients. One thing I value the most is building relationships with each client that I come in contact with. I want my clients to feel comfortable working with me at such a vulnerable time in their lives. I know that none of these stages are easy, so I take pride in knowing that I am there to make their transition that much smoother. Whether it's for education or a hands on experience, I work hard to provide excellent services. Teamwork is at the forefront of every service I provide. 


What are your goals? This is always my first question. I believe that my clients goals should set the foundation for our time together. Though I am the professional, I listen to my clients’ goals, fears, concerns, and beliefs because I am there for them! From preparing your body for pregnancy to teaching your baby how to sleep through the night...I am there every step of the way. It may seem like a broad spectrum of things but it all flows together and I am prepared to provide you with the best services you need. So contact me today! I look forward to meeting you!


Modern: The present/recent times. Here at Modern Childbearing, we celebrate all families!

Childbearing: The process of conceiving, being pregnant with, or birthing a child. Modern Childbearing supports families in numerous areas. From navigating fertility to navigating sleep issues during infancy. 

My Values


When it comes to any area of my business, I pour my love into it first. I believe without love for the work you do and love for the clients you support, you don't have a solid foundation.

Though I am coming on board as the professional I do believe that when we begin working together we are a team. We will work together and navigate through your family's individual journey.



Finding the balance in any given situation can help to manage emotions and travel forward on steady ground. While working with clients, I value helping them balance their thoughts and feelings as they transition into unknown territory.

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