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Need Sleep? Sleep Deprived? Don’t Know Where To Start To Get Your Baby To Sleep? Keep Reading...

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As a trained Pediatric Sleep Consultant/Trainer, Shaniqua offers a holistic approach to sleep consults for children from birth to 5 years old. Before I continue, I do want to clarify. Though I offer sleep consults for newborns under 4 months there will be NO SLEEP TRAINING until the pediatrician approves typically after 4 months of age.


Healthy Sleep Habits From The Start: From 0-12 week olds 


The newborn stage is an amazing time to set the foundation for good sleep for your child. During the first 3-4 months, there are many opportunities for parents to encourage healthy sleep habits from the start. These habits are essential for parents and children to get adequate sleep in the coming months. Due to newborn sleep cycles being sporadic for the first 4-5 months, everything we discussed will encourage flexibility. There will be no sleep training or strict scheduling for this age range! 


During our time together, we will discuss your family's goals, what healthy sleep habits are, how to create those habits, safe sleep/SIDS, developmentally appropriate expectations, swaddling, setting up the sleep environment, and much more. After we speak via phone or Zoom for our virtual learning and goal setting session, I will create a sleep foundation plan for your family to follow. As you navigate your customized plan, I will be available for two weeks via text to answer any questions. This consult will help you understand your baby better, maximize sleep, and adjust to life with a newborn. 

This package includes:

  • 2 weeks of support from 11am-7pm

  • 1 virtual video call (45 minutes) @ the start of our time together with goal setting

  • Unlimited Text support during times mentioned above

  • Customized Sleep/Care Plan schedules 

Cost: $495

***Add Ons will be charged with Shaniqua directly...not online!

Add On: Extra text support ($100/week)

Add on: Recorded virtual session to reference ($35)

Infant and Toddler Sleep Consulting/Training Support 


For children 4 months-5 years of age, we will work on a more comprehensive sleep plan of action. During a consultation, I will educate you on age appropriate sleep goals and expectations, sleep associations, restorative sleep, and sleep patterns. We will discuss tips, tricks, and techniques for better quality sleep, consistent naps, independent sleep. and more. In order to get to know your family’s needs, I start every consultation with a detailed questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to give me a clear picture of your child’s current habits and patterns. Not to worry, if you have multiples, this is still the service for you. I am trained and experienced with twins, triplets, and higher order multiples. After the questionnaire, we will have an initial consultation that will help to break down your needs even more. This will ensure that the customized plan that you will receive helps your family reach their ultimate goal of getting your child to sleep through the night and to have more quality, restorative sleep. 

Package 1 Includes:

  • 2 weeks of support from 11am-8pm

  • 1 virtual video call (45 minutes) @ the start of our time together with goal setting

  • Unlimited Text support during times mentioned above

  • Customized Sleep/Care Plan schedules 

  • 1 virtual video call (30 minutes) @ the 2-week mark

  • Troubleshooting guide 

Cost: $695

Package 2 Includes: This package is recommended for gentler methods and toddlers 

  • 3 weeks of support from 11am-7pm

  • 1 virtual video call (45 minutes) @ the start of our time together with goal setting

  • Unlimited Text support during times mentioned above

  • Customized Sleep/Care Plan schedules

  • 1 virtual video call (30 minutes) @ the 3-week mark

  • Troubleshooting guide  

Cost: $795


DIY Sleep Guidance 

Do you need guidance without a consultant by your side? Keep reading

Are you a DIY parent and would love guidance, but not support that lasts 2-3 weeks? Well, this is just the package for you. During our time together we will discuss your child's sleep issue, find solutions for these issues, and create goals. Before our 30 minute call, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire and after I will create and send over a customized sleep plan that goes over everything we discussed. 

  • 1 virtual call (30 minutes) to go over questionnaire and answer any questions

  • Customized Sleep Plan that will be sent within 48 hours of our call

Cost: $350 

***This package does not include text/email support after our call.

***This package is only for families with children that are 4 months-5 years old. 

Free Consultation 

Still undecided? Book a free consult

Have you looked over all the services and do not know which one is best for you? Let's talk about it! 

Cost: Free

Toddler Playing Drums

Love Note

"We worked with Shaniqua to help our 14 month old drop the bottle as a sleep prop. I was dreading this process, but knew we had to do it because of some upcoming life events. Shaniqua was not only super respectful of our comfort levels and preferences, but offered tactical advice through every speed bump along the way. There was a huge difference in our little girl’s sleep quality within just a couple days and we’re so happy that three weeks later she is now sleeping like a champ in varying locations and cribs as we move across the country. We’re so appreciative of Shaniqua’s bottle-weaning plan and support. She met us where we and our baby were and helped us reach our goals as painlessly as we could have.. " 

-H.G. Family. Florida


  • Do you recommend any sleep training books or methods? The well known, popular sleep training books on the market each have their own valuable experience and advice. I have researched and studied these books in order to add to my knowledge and understand what my clients are already reading. If you would like to sleep train on your own, choose the one that best fits your family’s beliefs. 

  • How do I know if my child’s sleep is a problem? There are so many views on infant and toddler sleep. What we all can agree on is that we all need sleep to stay healthy and  grow. If your family is not getting any sleep, if they do not seem rested, and/or if their current sleep situation is not normal then you should look further into ways to help them get better, more restorative sleep. 

  • I just want some quick advice, do I need to fill out a questionnaire? Yes! The support I give is customized and it’s important for me to look at the full picture before giving the best advice for your situation. What your baby is eating, drinking, their schedule, and habits all play a huge role in their sleep.

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