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What Is A Newborn Care Specialist?

A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS -formerly known as a baby nurse) is a highly skilled professional that is trained in the proper and complete care of a newborn (birth-3/4 months). As a NCS, I specialize in all things baby! From helping parents prepare their home before baby is born, to teaching parents how to swaddle, bathe, and diaper their baby, to implementing a flexible schedule that will ensure baby gets enough food and sleep within a 24 hour period...I do it all! Through my high level of experience working with families with singletons, twins, and triplets I'm confident that my knowledge and skills, will help you and your family smoothly transition into this new season of your lives. 


Overnight Newborn Care:

******Currently not accepting any new overnight care clients as of 1/18/22 until further notice******

Congratulations on your new little love! Overnight newborn care is a service that provides families with the support they need to smoothly transition into life with a new baby. If you are a first time parent or you are adding to your heart, this service will be beneficial. During my time with your family I will step in to help you navigate the first few weeks or months by providing gentle, attentive care for your newborn and allowing you to rest and recover. 


This service is more than just me caring for your baby while you sleep. It is also me educating you on all things baby, focusing on creating healthy sleep habits from the start, preparing you for what's to come, ensuring that your baby is well rested, adequately fed, safe, comfortable, and more. During the night, I maintain a very detailed log and send it to you each morning. 


Whether you are breast or bottle feeding overnight I can support you by bringing the baby to you for all feedings, handling all bottle procedures (heating, washing, sterilizing), or a mixture of both. In addition to feedings, I will burp, change, swaddle, and attend to your baby for the duration of my scheduled shift. My shifts are a minimum of 8 hours, and I have a preferred start time before 11pm.

Includes: Customized plan and schedules, unlimited text/email support, 1 on 1 care and education.

Newborn Care Classes

Let's prepare for your new bundle of LOVE together! My newborn care class is for the new parents, as well as, those who are well seasoned and want to learn more. We go over the basics like diapering, swaddling, and choosing the right bottles BUT we will also go over setting healthy sleep habits, creating a safe and healthy sleep environment, caring for your baby in and out of the hospital, overcoming your fears and anxiety about bringing home a new baby, baby communication, room sharing versus co-sleeping, scheduling, and so much more. This interactive class is 1.5-2 hours long and can be done virtually or in person. In addition, if you know of other parents that would love to take this class with you, I can host group classes just for you all. Learning how to navigate the earlier months shapes the foundation for the years that will follow.  Let's work together to ensure that you are ready and prepared for this amazing new journey. I can't wait to meet you! Fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

*P.S. This is also an amazing opportunity for me to partner with other Doulas. I would love to provide your clients with a newborn care course jammed packed with everything they need to know about bringing home a new baby. LET'S CONNECT!

...More Newborn Care Services

Temporary Daytime Care


Do you struggle with getting your baby to nap during the day? Will your baby only sleep in your arms or in the stroller or swing? Would you like help getting your baby on a day schedule that will help with night sleep?


If so, I provide temp. daytime care for parents to receive 1 on 1 care and education for their newborn. My focus during this time is establishing a day time schedule and routine, teaching sleep independence, implementing an age-appropriate schedule/flow, ensuring nanny and/or parents are comfortable navigating in my absence, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions Below

A Consult


1. Do you have experience with multiples and preemies? Yes! I have a lot of experience with preemies and multiples. 

2. What do I need to provide to you for overnight care? During my shifts I only need a few things to ensure that I’m about to do my best work. 

  • A tour of your house on the first night

  • Access to everything the baby needs overnight (swaddles, sound machine, clothes, feeding supplies/cleaning supplies, diapers, wipes, etc.)

  • Access to water and wifi 

  • An accessible outlet for electronic chargers 

  • A comfortable chair, couch, or bed to rest on while baby is sleeping

3. Can you still provide overnight care if I have family members staying with me? Definitely! When it comes to grandparents, nannies, au pairs, friends, and other family members staying with you that is okay! As long as I have somewhere to comfortably rest while the baby rests we can make it work. In addition, I’d love to show them what to do so that we are all consistent and able to help your family reach your goals. 

4. How will overnight care work if I’m exclusively breastfeeding? I encourage breastfeeding and support families so that they can have a strong breastfeeding relationship and good quality sleep. Here are some of the most common feeding options for a family who is exclusively breastfeeding:

  • Bringing your baby to you for every feed through the night, whether you choose to feed in your bed or in the babies room, and then having you text when you are done so that I can come get the baby and you can go back to sleep right away. 

  • Pumping when you wake up at night, then texting to let me know when you are done to retrieve the fresh breastmilk for bottles. At this time the pump parts will be cleaned (then returned near your bedroom door), and milk will be properly stored and/or fed to your baby at the next feeding. 

  • Pumping during the day so that you have a stockpile readily available for me to make bottles and feed your baby throughout the night. 

5. What does a standard overnight newborn care shift look like? I will arrive at your home between 7:00pm-11:00pm and do a minimum of 8 hours. During the night, I will attend to all of your baby’s needs from diapering, swaddling, ensuring comfort, feeding or bringing to feed, burping, bathing, changing, soothing, etc. to putting emphasis on creating healthy sleep habits, and ensuring your baby is well rested and well fed. In addition, I will ensure that your baby’s environment stays safe and clean by laying him/her on a flat, firm surface, removing any loose bedding, clothing, or stuffed animals from the crib, cleaning and sterilizing bottles and pump parts, throwing out diaper trash, tidying up changing and feeding areas, putting all soiled or dirty clothes in the hamper, etc. Lastly, I will maintain a detailed nightly log that will be sent to you before my departure, and provide evidence-based education and helpful tips, as needed.

surprised baby

Love Note

"Shaniqua helped care for our newborn son as soon as he came home from the hospital. As first-time parents, we had a lot to learn and Shaniqua was excellent in providing suggestions tailored to our son’s needs. She was able to go over different methods to try and soothe our son overnight and getting him to sleep for longer periods of time. She recommended feeding, wake, and play schedules and identified when our son may be going through growth spurts and/or wonder week phases. " 

-R.S Family. Washington, DC

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