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I Help Families Make Informed Decisions While Confidently Navigating Pregnancy, Birth, And Infant Sleep 

You Deserve To Be Informed During Every Step Of Your Journey!


Hi, I'm Shaniqua 

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!! I Am So Happy That You Found My Website. Since I Specialize In A Few Areas, Let's Make Sure We Get You To The Right Place.
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Shaniqua was an impeccable doula! She was knowledgeable, warm, and compassionate. She readily answered my questions, which made it easy to trust her expertise. She shared a ton of resources that helped us make informed choices. Our classes and workshops in preparation for labor and delivery were informative and practical. After our lessons, I felt equipped and prepared. Not only did she support me but my partner as well. During labor and delivery, she provided just the care I needed to assure me that I could make it. When I was ready to make rash decisions at the height of my pain, she came in and calmed my storm. I am ever grateful that she was part of my journey. If you want a doula of quality, seek out her services! Your birth experience will be better for it!
H.C Family Maryland

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Love Note

"Shaniqua has been an invaluable source of support and advice. We are tremendously grateful for her role as our labor doula and as a newborn care specialist.  She helped us navigate delivery fears and hopes and prepare for the baby's arrival. We were amazed by how accessible she was given that we were five weeks early and we greatly appreciated her support as I pivoted to an epidural and other elements that were not exactly planned.  We also loved how well she gelled with the nurses on service that evening! We both felt informed as she taught us many things we did not know.  In addition, she helped us advocate by making us aware in advance to question certain elements and not simply take things as is because they are coming from a clinician. Lastly, she kindly provided overnight care for our daughter while we got some much-needed sleep and shared priceless baby-care tips. Her expertise, experience, professionalism, and kind nature have provided comfort as we acclimate to parenthood.  We have thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and we could not recommend her more highly to other growing families."                                                              -M.S Family  Washington, DC

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