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Questions To Ask When Getting Your Newborn On A Schedule

💕 Soooo You Have Decided That It’s Time To Get Your Baby On A Schedule...Now Whats Next?


Ask Yourself The Questions Above.


Q1: When It Comes To Establishing A Schedule For Baby, It Is Beneficial To Start You & Your Baby’s Day At A Certain Time. This Sets The Tone/Flow Of The Day. So Pick Your Ideal Time (Typically I See 7am) And Be As Consistent As You Can. In Addition, When You Wake Them Up At That Time, Start Their Day Off With A Morning Routine.


Q2: You Always Want To Make Sure That What You Are Doing Is Age Appropriate. This Is Important For Your Baby's Development & Will Help You Navigate You Alls Day. Knowing The Standard Awake Time For Your Baby’s Age Will Help You To Anticipate When Their Next Nap Should Be, But ALWAYS Get In Tune With Your Baby And Know His/Her Sleep Cues.


Q3: Getting To Know Your Baby, By Observing Them Daily (even think about taking notes) Will Help You Determine When They Are Hungry Versus Sleepy Versus Cranky. One Of The Biggest Things That Will Help Is Knowing Your Baby's Sleep Cues. This Can Help You To Put Baby Down BEFORE They Are Overtired.


Q4: Baby's Are Not Born With Their Circadian Rhythm In Tact, They Have To Learn The Differences Between Night And Day. One Way That You Can Teach Them Is By Establishing A Morning & Night Time Routine. This Not Only Will Help Them With The Circadian Rhythm, But Routines Also Help Baby's Feel Safe & Secure.


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