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Your Journey To Parenthood Is Special & You Deserve The Best, Non-Judgmental Support As You Navigate It. 

Your journey to becoming a parent may not look like everyone else’s and that’s okay. For me this is HEART work, because I have struggled with fertility issues for years. Through my struggle came my research which sparked my passion for becoming a Fertility Doula and Advocate. For me, my diagnosis is Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) aka Premature Menopause. I received this diagnosis at the age of 25 and it crushed me, but also propelled me into this work. I shared that because I want you to know that you are not alone. I am here to help you navigate through this journey and know your options and advocate for yourself. When I went to the fertility clinic for the first time, alone. I didn’t know how to advocate for myself and my experience was horrible. The male doctor was blunt and right to the point without any care for my feelings. He just broke the news, “you will never have children biologically,” then passed me a box of tissues. The years following were the toughest years of my life emotionally, but when I picked myself up I vowed to learn, research, try natural remedies for myself, and share with other women. Now that I know what I know I believe there were years where I could have been working on healing my body, but I was more focused on doing everything doctors recommended. 


I wanted to give you a backstory about how i got into this work so that you know that you are not alone, and when working with me you will have someone that is passionate about helping you reach your goals. Whether you have struggled with getting pregnant, you already have a diagnosis (POF/Endometriosis/PCOS), you are preparing to go through IVF, or you want to prepare your body for pregnancy before trying...I am here to help! 


Did you know that when it comes to getting pregnant (or receiving IVF/IUI) you should start preparing your body at least 3 months before you start trying? This means potentially changing your diet, exercising, charting, and more. With my Holistic Fertility Coaching I customize each package to fit your needs, and I focus on the full body. I work with each client for a minimum of 8-12 weeks, but have packages to also accommodate those who want to do the work on their own. I create a non judgemental partnership with each client! 


In each package, you will receive education and support for: 


  • Fertility nutrition and lifestyle 

  • Mindfulness 

  • Exercise and fitness

  • Your menstrual cycle

  • Charting your cycle

  • Helpful herbs and supplements 

  • Family Planning 

  • Ailments of the womb 

As mentioned, I am a Fertility Doula and Advocate so I do not take the place of any medical professional, and do not perform any medical procedures. I provide my clients with physical, emotional, and informational support during our time together.


**Book A Consult for package details. I offer packages from 45 minute consult with written guide/plan to 8-12 week guidance.



  • Since you aren't a medical professional what can you do for me? I provide physical, emotional, and informational support for my client. I base our time together on your goals, your individual circumstances, and your needs. I have a questionnaire that will allow me to get to know more about you from your diagnosis to what you eat, how you sleep, etc. From this, I will be able to suggest numerous pathways you can take to meet your goals. In addition, I will walk with you through the process by giving you questions to ask your doctor, test to take to learn more about your body, herbal/natural remedies, charting, and so much more. Think of me as a very knowledgeable fertility companion!

  • Do I have to work with you for 8-12 weeks? Yes and No. My one on one client packages are 8-12 weeks minimum because it is a process that requires the full body, not just your female reproductive system. We will focus on mind and body before trying to get pregnant. If you are to get pregnant before the 8-12 weeks is up then we will continue to work on healing the body in order to encourage a healthy pregnancy.  You can also decide not to work one on one with me and instead do things on your own with a customized plan prepared for you. 

  • Will I stop working with you when I get pregnant? I am also a Birth Doula, so if you choose to continue to work with me I will be happy to assist you with prenatal and birth support. I provide a full spectrum experience, from fertility through postpartum.

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